Dutchies still love the BSB?!

for the gentlemen were the ladies of Raffish. But despite that the ladies could do their best to charm the nobody actually were. Even when the ladies on the stage names of their colleague farewell last Eve this evening would occur, could the public don’t care. The public came for 5 men and not for the now 4 ladies of Raffish. The tension soon took the upper hand and it was showtime! The smoke machine did good work, microphone stands in place, show staircase lit and the band played an exciting intro. .. With a Fireworks blow came AJ, Kevin, Brian, Howie-D and Nick next to the show stairs up. The set was varied with a lot number from the new album, but also songs from the first album and everything in between is. Many around me and sang everything Word for Word. Big hits if I want it that way, I’ll never break your heart and Incomplete stroked the eardrums of the delirious fans and followed each other at a rapid pace on

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. Many thanks from the men for all the support of the fans over the years, because without the help of them there were no Backstreet Boys. Nice that the gentlemen still radiate so much fun in what they do and the interaction with the audience is something what is of paramount importance. Blink here, hand Kiss there and then there were some ladies faint and the eardrums were again plagued by hysterical screams. It was an evening full of youth sentiment, the boys are older, the fans are getting older but one thing is certain Backstreet’s back!

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Set list 12 October: The Call Beautiful Woman More than that Climbing the walls Shape of my heart I still The one I want it that way Show me the meaning Larger than life Weird World All I have to give As long As you love me I’ll never break your heart Poster girl Siberia Quit playing games Drowning Incomplete Backstreet’s back

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