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Now it is 2005 and the life of Lil ‘ Kim is once again not about roses \. Namely: end of september they themselves found guilty and sentenced to a year in prison for perjury. Before they enter the bin, she brings her 4th album \ ‘ \ ‘ from The Naked Truth. And that album I got from the week in my hands. To review for Lil ‘ Kim \ tail me with wide eyes and innocent pink lipstick on her head by photoshop edited from the cover of the CD case to. Bottom left, the Explicit Content Parental Advisory label. I turn the box and leave it to my look go over another Glamour photo of Lil \ ‘ Kim and the titles. I read: Spell Check, Shut up B, All Good, Durty and We Dont Give a F ***. Hmm … not really words where I still with shock. I open the box and there is Lil \ ‘ Kim again. This time sitting on her knee ë n on a boat in a bright yellow bikini. Her body and her hair shines in oil and she makes just her bikini bottom loose. The CD itself, the color of mat gold and on the inlay there behind gleam the letters of the title meet me \ ‘ \ ‘ The Naked Truth. Curious about the rest, can I get the booklet with the lyrics (..) out of its case. I place The Naked Truth \ ‘ \ ‘ in my CD player and I put the volume knob open a little further in advance.

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Full of anticipation I listen to the first song with the promising title \ ‘ \ ‘ Intro. I hear the sound of clicking/flashy photo camera’s, somewhere calls a woman \ ‘ Kim, give us the truth \ ‘, a car door slams and the second number \ ‘ \ ‘ Spell Check starts. A cheerful tune inspired by the \ ‘ Mo money, Mo problems \ ‘ by Notorious BIG. I must listen carefully because the texts do not appear in the booklet but games that can Lil \ ‘ Kim though: I’m the L-I-L to the K-I-M, I’m the B-A-D-D-E-S-T Chick in the game-what the fuck I gotta spell it out? I keep it G-A-N-G-S-T-A What more can I say-what the fuck I gotta spell it out? O-K-L-I-K-L-I-M \ ‘, that’s plain language. And with a sentence like \ ’cause he’s out in the O-C with a Dick in his Butt … \ ‘ a few times too much fuck, motherfucker and bitch in 3: 37 she has as far as I am concerned that \ ‘ \ ‘ Parental Advisory sticker already earned. It takes a while but then I all of a sudden they number raps about by that ” injustice ” that was done to her in the bin and for which they will go. The power light goes with me fires at the sense \ ‘… And I’m more nigga than them bitch-ass guys \ ’cause they took the stand, on the D.A. ‘s side … \ ‘ I turn the first number again and everything falls into place. I’m afraid it’s not the last time will be that this topic on this CD comes by. \ ‘ \ ‘ Lighters Up the third track and the first single from this album sounds delicious with her simple, heavy reggae/hip hop beat. An irritating effect ruining actually listening pleasure on \ ‘ \ ‘ Shut up Bitch. … I heard she goin to jail, I heard she out on bail She done fucked up now … On this number wipes the floor with Lil ‘ Kim \ all the gossip and Backbiting that people have to report about her and all were once read in the magazines. I just go looking for the texts on the Internet and find that pretty soon, now I can all just slightly easier to follow …

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… FUCK Junior M.A.F.I.A., that chapter is through, Them faggots done did somethin that they cain won’t undo… she sings on \ ‘ Whoa \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and Junior Mafia a staircase in a moment after. I wonder if this well a so-called \ ‘ \ ‘ is Dis. On \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ is Lil Kim slipping all the way loose and extracts them out all the stops to express her displeasure about her conviction… A year and a day, three years probation Public humiliation, poor representation Guilty by association …. A spicy text that does not touch me, although I find the refrain sung by Denaun Porter (oa. Eminem, D12) a pleasure to hear. Of the recordings of Lil ‘ Kim and her answering machine \ wrangling on \ ‘ All Good \ ‘ in combination with the samples of-It’s all Good-Notorious B.i.g. am I also not cheerful. Skipping and continue with the tenth-of the nentwintig é é-song on the album. \ ” I Know You See Me \ ‘ delusions about the madness of a funky number Lil \ ‘ Kim. Again with a sample but this time by The dramatics \ ‘ \ ‘. On \ ‘ Quiet \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ The Game RAPS a hefty deun with it. Lil ‘ Kim has also not faith I \ so on Jackie-O, her concurente… \ ‘ Man I FOUGHT tooth and NAIL to keep them PUNKS out of JAIL. But hoes wanna go to COURT \ ‘ til I pay them for they NAILS … and \ ‘ The Game \ ‘ helps her all too like her bile to spit. The Dancehall beat mixed with reggae vocals and rap makes \ ‘ Durty \ ‘ a nice track. A welcome change even though it sounds occasionally almost fake. The fourteenth number \ ‘ Answering machine skit \ ‘ is another piece of crap on the plate. I find the album sound wordy and chewed up all of a sudden. I have heard all. With \ ‘ \ ‘ We don’t Give a Fuck the one that Bun B & Twista cooperate and which the meaning \ ‘ \ ‘ We don’t give a fuck me just a tad too often repeated is still credible for me to make it sound. \ ‘ Gimme That \ ‘ is full of dirty words \ ‘ \ ‘ and this song makes me just like \ ‘ \ ‘ strongly reminiscent of the song Kitty Box \ ‘ \ ‘ How many licks which is-no surprise-also from Lil Kim is and where they won’t a mega hit with it scored. On \ ‘ \ ‘ Kronik, pants and Snoop Dogg sings…Girl yo \ ‘ shit’s the chronic. Like a strawberry bag of weed. Brother, she’ll put yo \ ‘ ass to sleep … a sleepy and dragging tune with it. The boredom strikes at me really matter at \ ‘ \ ‘ é é the 20th and Get Yours n after last track on the album. I hear Lil \ ‘ Kim no longer but t.i & Sha-Dash all the more. And then the last number! \ ‘ Last Day \ ‘… Besides God, what the fuck should I fear? The only one could stop me is that chick in the mirror. I built my career on, blood sweat and tears. And I’m still here, gettin stronger each year. Cause what don’t kill me, could only help build me. I guess all that dirt just made me more filthy. If being loyal’s a crime, then I’m so guilty…

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… Lil \ ‘ Kim shows that they can get with an album full of songs that are based largely on the fact that it is found guilty. I keep my heart fixed if they have a year-or after 9 months if she behaves well-is released. She has pledged to use her time in prison to pray and to write new songs.(..) Lil’Kim – ‘ The Naked Truth ‘ running time: 1 hour 16 minutes and two ë-two seconds. Warner. If someone feels the need Lil \ ‘ Kim a ticket or to send a letter, here’s the address: Kimberly Jones 56198-054 Fdc Philadelphia Federal Detention Center 562 Philadelphia, PA 19106 USA

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