Brigitte kaandorp in 1001 nights ' '

After a rest period of 3 years she is again back with a dazzling show, Brigitte kaandorp in ” 1001 nights ” , her eighth theater program since this female comedian in 1983 won the Cameretten (Cabaretfestival) |. But her first theatre program with a story, a d é cor and a band. Next to the Theater é in Amsterdam, it does Carr many locations throughout Netherlands to. As Brigitte kaandorp on it, roll the first laugh spontaneously tears all over your cheeks. Dressed in a giant pink tutu, a pair of white cowboy boots and a high white hat starts to applaud the audience spontaneously. After an introduction by the band themselves, and a lot of interaction with the public starts (finally) the fairy tale. A fairy tale in a modern setting with Brigitte in starring and supporting roles. It’s really incredible where this woman Gets the energy to put down such a thing. She runs from the center of the stage as Narrator to the side to wicked stepmother and Princess to play, and get back to the band. The Quartet accompanied her not only musical but are also characters in her fairy tale. The fairy tale is regularly interrupted by a variety of songs and anecdotes from her life, times when they are completely in her element and when é in a crack is very Carr. Carr é creates a magical atmosphere and beautiful d é cor for a fairy tale. The abrupt end of the fairy tale is well made with a hilarious conclusion of the program. For those who enjoy the humor of Brigitte kaandorp, this is a fantastic night out where much in laughing. Click here for more information & the play list. Have you never heard of Brigitte kaandorp? Check here for

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