Ricky Martin is back with album ” Life "

This album came about after a relatively long period of silence around the Latin Superstar who with his voice, \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ good looks and megahit Maria \ ‘ since 1995 has had quite a few Dutch conquered hearts. During his break from the spotlight, he got the chance to travel the world and thanks to encounters with people from countries like Brazil, Thailand and India he did ë ë n on new idea for this album. Itself says the superstar about his album; ” in every song on this album we will describe through lyrics or music stories that show my personal experiences during my travels. The album is the result of those experiences. ” On the first released single \ ‘ I don’t care \ ‘ Gets Ricky Martin strengthening Latin rapper Fat Joe that hip hop fans might be knowing the number \ ‘ \ ‘ lean back, with which he scored a modest hit some time ago. In addition, singer Amerie heard on this track and we know her by the hit singles \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and 1 Thing Touch \ ‘. As I listen more often this track like it always sound better and that actually applies to the whole album. If you expect an album full of rousing salsa music is listening to \ ‘ Life’s a real surprise. In addition to the typical Latin American temperament are also distinctly different cultural influences can be heard. The number \ ‘ Til I get to you ‘ is my favorite song by the relaxed Indian atmosphere. In addition to 10 new tracks, there is also another reggaeton mix of the song I don’t care \ ‘ \ ‘ on the album and the Spanish version of the song \ ‘ \ ‘ It’s alright. The release of this new album is accompanied by an intensive world tour which starts on november 15, 2005 in Mexico City and the United States via Latin America and will reach the rest of the world, is expected to pass around 2006-2007. If and when the star in Netherlands on will enter is not yet known but his fans have in each case back here can enjoy the singer during his lightning visit to Netherlands on 7 October, in which the singer received a prize from the hands of Hind for 100,000 sold cd’s. This number will undoubtedly increase as more people discover this album and go enjoy the new sound of Ricky Martin.
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