Fiesta Flamenca: Andalucía

Fiesta Flamenca is in Netherlands for years presented by a theatre man who chooses a private and exciting approach to Flamenco: Nico Knapper. He is the Knower of the Dutch genre par excellence. He now presents for the 10th year, a program in which he treats a different aspect of this art over and over again. He wants with the beautiful and mysterious sides of flamenco hold the public and bring with you to a blistering discharge. Fiesta Flamenca has this year entitled ” í Andaluc a ” . é é ë Is one of the poorest Andalusi provinces of Spain, but as a region very special by its national character, where Gypsy surges play an important role. Although the Gypsies were always discriminated against, have some leading Andalusi ë rs it for them as well. The poet Federico Garc a Lorca is there é é n of í. Less well known abroad, but in Andalusi ë revered as the father of the fatherland is Blas Infante. To him is the first part of this performance dedicated. He was in the 1930s by the guardia civil of General Franco dragged from his home and executed as well as Lorca. He wrote several books on the flamenco and song lyrics. He is also the author of the national anthem of Andalusi ë. The famous singer Jes ú s Heredia sings some of his lyrics. Also star dancer Maribel Ramos, who last year starred in an interpretation of Carmen Amaya is of the party. The Group also consists of two guitarists, a singer, a dancer, a dancer and a singer/dancer, so a total of 8 people. Prior to the show tells Nico Knapper himself what we can expect during the show. The show is held during a slide show about Blas Infante, which is quite impressive. A piece of Spanish history comes to us over. The show actually tells a story. The story of Blas Infante and Andalusi ë. It’s a pretty minimalist show. The bare stage is populated by only three dancers, two musicians, a singer and two singers. Sometimes separately. A little crudely is the slide show. One forgets to turn off the projector, so that the screen saver during the show ” Sony DVD ” behind the artists continues to go back and forth in the background. Also the microphone with a dull thud laid down or turned off. But that does not detract from the great talent of the artists on the stage. Do you like Spain and the Spanish, then \ ‘ Fiesta Flamenca; í Andaluc a \ ‘ an absolute must. If you like a little more show and pageant, then you’d better go to a show if \ ‘ Fuego! \ ‘ by Carmen Motta go. During Fiesta Flamenca you imagine yourself for a number of hours really in Fiesta Flamenca, í a. Andaluc seen in the Lucent danstheater, Den Haag. Fiesta Flamenca is with the performance to see several different places Andaluc í a t/m 8 november.

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