The Irish roots of The Corrs

12 songs by the band chosen from the song book of their mother. The idea came from that same Caroline again once these now not the ” normal ” poppy feel, but really to go back home and traditional as possible and yet with a Corrs jacket. The past, present and future of é é n Ireland together on album. And this is the ladies and gentleman well. This album is also the most sober and actually most understated Corrs album ever, despite the cooperation of the BBC2 radio concert Orchestra. This time no uptempo riedeltjes, but delicious traditional songs that good voortkabbelen without a dull moment. The rich music history of Ireland in all its glory draws to you get past in a way that only The Corrs can make. Old songs are rearranged in collaboration with producer Mitchell Froom and Faichra Trench and together they a warm feeling through the speakers. To emphasize the traditional sense there are two songs in the Irish language; Gaelic. Total not to understand what is sung but the angelic voice of Andrea creates goose bumps. A song performed by The Corrs more often is established, ” Old Town ” is also on the album. This version is for the seasoned Corrs fan, who has heard this of course more often live, some getting used to. The album closes with the beautiful ” Haste to the wedding ” where I just was a little quiet, so beautiful. A beautiful tribute to their mother, Jean Corrs can take pride.Image removed by editors In the cd inlay you can find the lyrics. The Corrs ~ Warner Music This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginPurchase Process, WP-Auto Post

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