A lot like love

a few years later, Oliver is working hard to a wholesaler in diapers to get off the ground, while Emily floundering as an actress. Just before new year’s Eve is Emily dumped by her boyfriend and she is looking for some comfort in her phone book against the number of Oliver. Together they celebrate the new year, but fate is them not good mood: Oliver for his work moves to San Francisco, 600 kilometers away. Emily then collapses on the photography and becoming as the relationship of the other marital breakdown, they come up against each other. Although they each encounter again and again over the years, their timing pits. Yet there is a growing friendship between the two and ultimately, if the cht é too late to declare their love for each other seems, everything comes together on z ´ n. \ ‘ \ ‘ A lot like love is a typical example of a romantic comedy, which, of course, already made are a dime a dozen. The film is strongly reminiscent of a modern version of \ ‘ \ ‘ When Harry met Sally: two young people who seem created for each other, but a friendship that stands in the way of love. To well to say that the film of a high quality level is … No. But you live quickly with lead actors Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet, though you know for a long time in advance how it will end. Very predictable so, but for a Sunday afternoon it’s fine watch feed. That Kutcher Lake z ´ n acting talent than by z \ a vocal qualities, demonstrated by the rape of Bon Jovi’s I’ll be there for you ” , though the song itself lends good for.

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As a bonus, the dvd material offers some bloopers that have been left out of the film sc è nes, a tasty in the hearing lying song by Aqualung and a spoken explanation about the movie. A lot like love Touchstone Pictures running time: 103 minutes Genre: romantic comedy

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