ETOs comes with luxury line!

with Etos Body Senses line wanted Etos a some affordable luxury products into the market, with which you could spoil yourself at home delicious. The products contain all special ingredients ë patients from all over the world, each with a specific special operation. The well-known fashion & glamour photographer Hans Petersen (known by work in Maxim and Payboy) is responsible for the photography on the package. On a silver surface, he subtly displayed the beauty of the female body. The packaging has a beautiful luxurious look. We put the products of the Etos Body Senses line for you at a glance: Body packing consists to a large extent of The bodypacking huidzuiverende clay which promoted blood flow. In addition it contains cotton-oil, which works as a skin conditioner. Shea butter helps make the skin nice and soft. The packing is suitable for all parts of the skin, which can use extra care and give your skin a pleasant feeling.Also the bath Soak Bath soak contains Shea butter and makes for a good cleaning and a wonderful smooth feel. The badproduct has a glossy effect by adding Pearl powder, coming from freshwater pearls. The product is also available in a mini-implementation of 50 ml. convenient for traveling so!Shower scrub purifying The shower scrub contains coconut scrub. By the small, coarse particles to massage over the skin be removed dead skin cells. The coconut makes for a wonderful smell. Ginger extract provides stimulation of the blood circulation. Suitable for é é to apply once a week. Also this is available in a mini-implementation of 30 ml.Shower wash added thanks to a cocoa extract and shea butter has the shower wash a soothing effect on the skin. Shower shower butter butter is a rich, buttery substance, which makes for an intense cleansing and care of the skin. Special for dry skin are moisturizing ingredients added. See also this product contains shea butter and jojoba oil. A delicious product, what your skin a soft and moisturizing feel. Our absolute favorite together with the body butter.

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Body Butter as we’ve dropped é é n the Body Butter is of our favorites in this line. It is a rich, hearty cr è me that your skin soft and smooth feel. It contains allanto ï ne rice germ oil and what helps the skin to recover. The added shimmer makes for a nice, light shiny skin. Fortunately, the Body butter also available in a mini, so that things are going well with you on holiday.Body contour streamliner this rich soft lotion is specially developed for refining the contours of the body. It contains silk and shea butter, which gives the body a pleasant feeling.Body moisture spray after you shower or bathe gives this spray the skin a nice boost. The spray contains ï nen melkprote that help to improve the elasticity of the skin. Also here is again shea butter added.Body nightcream is a night cream for the skin nightcream Body. For a soft feel and in-depth operation olive oil is added. The added lavender, as it not only has a wonderful scent to the cr è me, but also ensures a relaxing before bed.

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Body jam The body jam gives a refreshing and nourishing effect at the same time. It is a light gel, which is inserted through the skin quickly. It contains Glycerin for extra hydration and helps restore the skin allanto ï ne. Also this is available in a 50 ml mini-implementation. ETOs has absolutely amaze us with this delicious line products. Not only do they have a great look, but they are all very special and delicious products. And all for a price under 6 euros each! What more do you want?

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