Donna Summer: Still going strong


Five Grammys, American Music Awards, a record sale of 100 million and a prachtcarri è re which still continues. How do you look back on it all? It was a beautiful time with lots of glitter & glamour and good luck-moments. At the same time it was also difficult. The success was so overwhelming that I at one point was too much. I lived anymore, but I w é rd lived. After having lived a few years so I had something like that of: is this the now at all?At some point, have you also deliberately pulled out of the spotlight. Yes, that was when I had no more control over my life. I could trust anyone anymore, anyone tried a reap my success. That becomes cold clothes are. I’m completely been overwrought, have even a suicide attempt. Afterwards it went no longer and I slow down going forward. I’m going to l é ven, dedicated to my family and me have raised three daughters. Also I have a written a biography in which I have processed all my experiences of my life.And how do you feel now? Much better! Now I feel that I no longer have to fight for recognition or to the adoption of another. I have peace with myself, so I can be creative again. I write songs, I paint. Which I find both a lot of fun to do. Music remains an important factor in my life.

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We can expect a new album from you? If it were up to me though! I already have a large number of songs ready. My husband Bruce and I now await a good record deal so we can release an entire album. How that will look like? There is established disco and dance, but also soul, R & B and hip-hop. I also want a little by the time remain, h è? But I’ve never actually been idle though. Also in the 90 ‘s I have been active. Not like it used to be, but I have a duet recorded with Liza Minelli and scored several hits, including \ ‘ \ ‘ Love Is A Healer. Who was number 1 in the US dance charts. Recently I worked on a tribute album for Luther Vandross. Donna Summer is back! She is never went away! I now have more energy than ever and that I definitely stop in my performances and the plates that I still want to make. Music is just a beautiful something. You can just mean z ó much for the people. Music works healing, makes people happy and cre ë ert special memories. Come often enough there are fans to me then to say how important my music for them and how much joy it has brought into their lives. And that is still the utmost compliment for an artist?Donna Summer is to see in October and november on The Night Of The Proms in the Antwerp Sportpaleis. For dates:

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