Still more glasses fall-winter 2005

Chanel …. since 1909 perfectionist, unique and passionate. The world of Coco Chanel is the world for a woman with style. And that shows itself precisely in the accessories …

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The low winter sun can dazzle in Netherlands pretty mesh bag. And also on the ski slopes is glasses a necessary accessory. By the reflection of the Sun on asphalt or snow off properly, the quality of your vision. Fortunately there are beautiful solutions for, such as this beautiful Chanel sunglasses. The frame is trendy and great in an appropriate snow white color. On the legs is the famous Chanel logo in glistening black rhinestones. In addition to these tint is the frame still available in black and Brown. The little sister of Prada, Miu Miu, female but not too girly \ ‘ \ ‘, hip yet chic.

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Red: the color of the color of love, warmth, passion and passion. And of course d é party color par excellence. This great glasses by Miu Miu fantastic details. So the legs of the top model a drop-shaped Crystal and come in the legs of the bottom glasses ornate roses processed. If you really want to stand out, you can choose for the middle frame with a mixture of Red Pearl and rhinestones on the front. In 1884 is Bvlgari started as a jewelry stores shop in Italy. The driving force behind this was Sotirio. Thanks to the commitment of his 2 sons is Now a fashion house specializing in jewelry, watches, perfumes and accessories.

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Stylish tight models give the carrier a distinguished look. Similarly this violet/black frame with the recognizable symbol of Bvlgari Quadrato. However, the most is what catches the eye, the little black and Crystal coloured rhinestones on the feet. This gives the glasses directly something festive. A great addition to your beautiful dark kerstpak or little black dress …

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