Fiona Apple-Extraordinary Machine

from start to finish this is a silent album that you’re listening to, maybe occasionally in agreement to the beat of the music meeknikt but further intensive listening to but not to miss that amazing voice. The deep and dark soul voice of the – singer songwriter grabs you by the throat from the title track. That hair-raising but fragile voice, exciting and poignant piano game let run shivers down my spine. Pre-arranged meals that are not let surprising make absolutely predict the numbers completely.At Parting gift is a lump in my throat, so incredibly beautiful. Time to come at Window that has a wonderful jazzy sound. Not about love is again beautifully nicely by those terrifying voice. As soon as the last show of the album fade out from the boxes, I am still left with a dazed feeling and a lot of goose bumps. While I long for breath I press the play button again; This album just tastes really for more. A gem that there is currently no longer my CDplayer comes out. That Fiona can do more than just make beautiful music, proves them through the pictures on it and in the cdboekje. The photos of the flowers are from her own hand. Tracklisting: 1. Extraordinary machine 2. Get him back 3. O’Sailor 4. Better version of me 5. Tymps (the sick in the head song) 6. Parting gift 7. Window 8. Oh well 9. Please please please 10. Red red red 11. Not about love 12. Waltz (better than fine) Fiona Apple Extraordinary machine Website: ~ Fiona Web Sitefree Fiona: Sony/BMG

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