All the questions you should ask

everyone knows the feeling of \ ‘ \ ‘ not any more all know. Maybe you have the same things fixed? Maybe you think that if you would have more money, or if you would have more time to be creative, that is the solution to all your problems. It will probably all help, but the questions in this book go just a little further by and just slightly deeper into certain topics in order, through the answers yourself gives you, behind the cause of problems to come. For example, through questions such as: what have you gotten from your standards and values family and to which one do you like the most or the least? Questions about disappointments-in yourself or your friends-and what can you do yourself? or what steps can I take to get the support that I need? and With who, where and when I have the most fun? It is intended that you go through you answers to 100 questions to new insights and adjusting your goals. And that is not, of course, by itself. You should be well read what write down yourself. The book’s any questions you should ask \ ‘ gives you no ready answers, but allows you the right questions about issues on which you should think according to Susan Piver. With the answers you while reading at the questions in the book field, wouldn’t you after 104 pages should have greater insight into your life and can live an authentic life. An authentic life is a life where you and your inner world, your feelings, values, abilities, needs, spirituality and for love, in harmony with the outside world, your job, your relationships and your social environment. There are also a few examples in this book give you a guide to each day with new questions and to give you a particular purpose. So you may find yourself asking: what would I love to see it happen today? Today, where am I thankful for? or what I did today left unsaid? The intention of all these questions to yourself ask is, that you can carry a conversation with yourself in the long term. And so help you to stay aware of your inner voice by yourself. So you stand every day look at your own life and so you get the answers that you have the most to. You have according to Susan Piver namely itself the answers to change your life. I find it a fun booklet. It’s a fun way to be with your inner. And even though I find the questions sometimes sketchy, you will of course never dumber of a little thought.Image removed by Editor Susan Piver-‘ All questions you should ask ” ISBN 90-229-9121-0AW Bruna

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