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Musical instrumental point of view, \ ‘ \ ‘ best a More interesting album. If you listen to the album for the first time and the lyrics there at takes, you can sing the whole album straight away. No, I possess no special gift, the album is just predictable in each other. Each song starts promising. But once the song falls into it, is the whole number in each other. The rhythm simplified, the volume drops away and the lyrics are written so that the sentences often rhyme. At all 13 songs on the album I feel happening: During the song is the tension, which at the beginning of each song to feel is therefore, not further built up. There are no striking fun breakjes in and the 5 men of \ ‘ \ ‘ Gesture raging along monotonous through without breath. The typical Dutch pop songs are by the singer and other band members of \ ‘ \ ‘ Gesture itself written and this singer sings his songs with a metric as that of ” Deepak Dab ” , so predictable. And as far as I’m concerned is that, partly due to the lack of refreshing melody ë n, that after a few songs like all songs very very much alike. In mind I see a singer who all the way from his plate to go with clenched tiny fists and squeezes his eyes closed occasionally to the words with inappropriate passion from his toes to be met. But the feeling comes to me just don’t have. I think that makes the gesture \ ‘ \ ‘ nice music who has a Dutch feature film for youth, without problems fun on could fill. But and whole CD full of music from \ ‘ \ ‘ Gesture, which I find too much of a good thing.Image removed by CNR Music

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