Destiny Childs ' s girl power

it all starts in 1998: Destiny’s Child breaks through with their first album gelijnamige. Now, 40 million albums sold worldwide and three guaranteed solocarrieres later, say Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly their joint career goodbye. By the breathing space that the ladies had inserted in 2002, they noticed that they also called can only: Beyonce scored a hit with her lover Jay-Z, Kelly took Dilemma on with Nelly and Michelle made a own gospel album. Now the ladies are é cht apart, we so not to worry that we will hear nothing more of them, but let us first briefly enjoy the golden oldies with # 1 ‘s! In addition to the old hits by Destiny’s Child, there are also three new songs on the album. Stand up for love, which is the theme song for World children’s day, is the first song that you hear when you put the cd on. And that’s a good thing, because it is the least fun! To the coarse saying: it is a boring ballad that not more fun as you hear him more often. But it’s for a good cause, so I do but just as if only the album at number two begins. And then it starts really! The second number Independent woman part I exhilarates you on from your lazy Chair and causes your hands in the air when Beyonce sings \ ‘ All the ladies who truely feel me, throw your hands up at me \ ‘. Also the numbers Jumpin Jumpin \ ‘ \ ‘, Lose my breath, Bug a Boo and the new code Check on it popping out the speakers which you immediately feel like dancing feeling your roof to go. The high swing is not the only content that the cd makes so much fun: the theme’s that come back are in almost every song for every modern, feminist wife also to feast. The dripping of the album: independence and sisterhood In Girl are girlfriends meet at during a relationship breakdown, in Survivor Gets the ex it inspected: \ ‘ Thought that I would fail without you, but I’m on top \ ‘ and Bootylicious is an ode to the-sometimes unwanted-female, round shapes. Delicious! Let it be clear: I find # 1 ‘s also really a # 1 album! It is hot, independent and it swings. Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle may start for himself, but for now I will not swap to é n é this cd of their solo projects! 1. Stand Up for Love 2. Independent Women Part I 3. Survivor 4. Soldier (with T.I. & Lil Wayne \ ‘) 5. Check on It 6. Jumpin Jumpin \ ‘ \ ‘ 7. Lose My Breath 8. Say My Name 9. Emotion 10. Bug a Boo 11. Bootylicious 12. Bills, Bills, Bills 13. Girl 14. No, No, No Part II (with Wyclef Jean) 15. Cater 2 you 16. Feel the Same Way I Do

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