DVD: Birth

she believes him and sends the boy away. Nevertheless, he come over and he asks her to meet him in the park. They know where they should be … If still shows that the boy knows a lot of things by her first marriage, begins the doubt yet to strike at Anna. She decides in consultation with his mother to the boy to sleep with them, so they can break the ‘ spell ‘. As Sean along with Anna’s family to the wedding music, go Joseph complete freak and he departs for Anna’s brother-in-law. Her old friends Clifford and Clara come along and Clara asks Sean to have come along. There she confronts him with the fact that not Anna, but she was the great love of Sean … Birth did quite a bit of dust of controversy in America, because lead actress Nicole Kidman in a sc è ne together in bath is with the young Sean (Cameron Bright). Personally, I find that the hoopla rather exaggerated, there is nothing there and I had certainly not shocked feeling. In the film, it’s not so much about whether the boy is actually a reincarnation of the deceased Sean is re ï, but more or Anna believes him and why. Those doubts are especially good to see back in the face of La Kidman during an opera performance. Image removed by editors in General, Birth a fairly long-winded film: there is little pace in the story. However, intrigues the relationship between the adult woman and the child the viewer in some way and is the end is something different than you might expect. Cameron Bright has eyes that look through you and the short Kidman is well suited for the role of Anna, who in the course of the story’s more and more clear that they still have a long way to go back is about the death of her first husband. Pity is that the dvd on a trailer after no bonus material offers. The Director had even moved the film can give. Birth New Line Cinema running time: 96 minutes Genre: drama/thriller

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