The Fahrenheit twins

the book contains 17 short stories, they are written so captivating that I as a kind of junkie keep reading and again much to let go to sleep. With all that entails, but it was worth it. The stories are written in an ever-changing perspective, the first story is about the logic of a confused man who eventually ends up in a shelter, the following story is about a man who after having lived 5 years in coma wakes again as if nothing is done, there is a story that about a drummer of a heavy metal band that goes to migraine suffers. The story with the title ” how little it takes ” is about a woman with postpartum depression, I got goosebumps. The stories are sometimes so unbelievable and at the same time as realistic, well written and engaging. As it is written on the back of the book; In his stories are look at the luck é n point F the despair of man. By SureFire prose combined with rake characterizations, humor and timing, reads every story as a novel. I had to be able to describe it any better. I would be nothing be surprised if these stories be used as the basis for a film. On the back of the book is a quote from Max Pam: ‘ That F still speaks Dutch, seems like something we are a bit proud. ” he writes fine in English, because the front of the book that has been translated by Harm D. and Niek Miedema. Michel Faber has at least one more fan again.Image removed by redactieMichel Faber (born 1960)-The Fahrenheit twins (original title Fahrenheit Twins) ISBN 90

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