Bull’s eye

Nancy finds out that her oh-so-faithful man Jonathan is not as faithful and her cheating with another woman. This woman become by h á r á man spoiled with jewelry during the holidays and what she gets?! Those shiny red lawn mower!! To be a little unwinding she goes for a couple of weeks away from Scotland to her best friend Carmen, in London. Carmen also has a lot to say. She is the widow of a rock star and has not yet processed after three years. Then her rock star brother-in-law who also provides the necessary complications. And of course the people in her chic neighbourhood that Carmen lost rather as rich, except her new, nice but vrouwenverslindende neighbor Connor… All complications in the book can also be a fun story line for a soap opera. Many love complications which follow each other at a rapid pace, razor-sharp English humor and at the last page it’s just too bad that the book is out. No Cliffhanger but just really the end. Because surely you’re secretly a bit curious as to how the leventjes of the main characters start walking. 368 pages pure soap that devours your easy like a box of delicious chocolates pralin é. bull's-eye Jill Mansell bull’s-eye Sijthoff publishing house ISBN 9024556996

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