Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil

I have already since my 15th cellulite, almost 17 years I live with these women ailment. I have never had problems with it all that much and there is actually very little effort. When I finally after my childbirth the 32 km (which I had arrived during my pregnancy) was lost, I am again going to look in the mirror critically. My sister in law is beautician and I have asked her for advice. She knew telling me that all those expensive remedies that you don’t see on TV, to hardly work. The only thing that helps is drink plenty of water, watch on your eating habits and for good blood flow concerns. Some months back I saw at a health food store a bottle of Weleda Birch Cellulite oil, in combination with a ” massage tool ” , in order to stimulate blood flow extra. ‘ If it doesn’t, then it’s not ‘ harms, I thought to myself. Every morning and evening wedding I massaged my upper legs and buttocks in. On the package States that the result can be seen already after 2 weeks, after a week I noticed all difference. There are different stages of cellulite: cellulite-Light: the skin is still smooth as you are standing or lying, but squeeze your hair together, then you will see irregularities. -Mediocre cellulite: you tighten your muscles, you will see light dents. -Strong cellulite: the Orange skin is clearly visible and often performs together with stretch marks. -Heavy cellulite: audible and visible, paved knots and deep stretch marks. I have strong cellulite, after using the Weleda Birch Cellulite oil I noticed that my legs feel smoother and firmer, even my husband/boyfriend noticed it. It is a matter of doping. When, after a month and a half, the bottle was empty and I have forgotten to buy a new one, I am back to square one. I have now started a new bottle again and again as excited as last time.. Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil has developed with a completely natural product that counteracts cellulite focused. The composition of young Birch leaves, Rosemary and muizedoorn stimulates the metabolism of the skin and keeps the moisture content up to standard. Vitalizing apricot kernel oil, moisturizing jojoba oil and vitamin-rich wheat germ oil promote the independent recovery of the skin. Pure essential oli ë n stimulate metabolism and thus the fat breakdown and strengthen the connective tissue: the skin is gaining firmness, elasticity and smoothness. Birch leaves were because of their purifying effect already in very early cultures as schoonheidsbevorderend product. They stimulate the circulation of fluids in the body and skin metabolism. The base of Birch Cellulite Oil is formed by vegetable oli ë n down to the deeper skin layers intensive care. Gently massaged into the skin they promote the blood circulation of the skin and skin metabolism. Thereby wins the tissue on firmness and feel the skin supple and smooth. Birch Cellulite oil contains a composition of natural essential oli ë n. the fresh fragrance of grapefruit and cedarwood support the vitalizing and purifying effect on the skin.Image removed by editors I believe will never pull off at all, have been happy with the result have been able so far to it. More info? Click Weleda

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