A.j. Jacobs-I know everything!

it shall act on a 35 year old age for some to his languishing knowledge to do: he decides to the Encyclopedia Britannica from A to Z to go read and so the smartest man in the world. A.j. Jacobs is married and his wife Julie find reading the series sin of his time, his friends explain for him crazy, his father who ever the same tried, and came to the Borneo, encourages him to and I think: where do you start to. 33,000 pages, 44 million words, 10 billion years of history. That’s quite a bit. I am inquisitive and is regularly with my nose in an encyclopedia, but to well the 32 volumes â 2 kg per piece to read at all from A to Z … yet piqued my curiosity. And I want to know to how A.J. Jacobs has been able to do this, what motivated him, what he has learned and has had to all leave for. And of course I want to know if he after reading the complete encyclopedia é cht series now the smartest man in the world. That is why I read his book, ‘ I know everything! ‘. In ‘ I know everything! ‘ told A.J. Jacobs at the hand of trivial facts through words, from A to Z from the Encyclopedia Britannica, with a healthy dose of self-mockery, open and honest about his life. Through every word he knows a fact to tell and every now and then he wanders into a story through other words off again to the next topic. That way of writing does provide a little again how this, at first glance all ordinary, man Thinketh. The book consists of smooth short pieces in which he told others about himself, his marriage, the attempts to get pregnant, his father, friends, family, the Encyclopedia Britannica and his participation in ‘ Who wants to be a Millionaire ‘. After reading ‘ I know everything! ‘, the memoirs of hilarious A.J. Jacobs, I know at least more than I knew before reading this 414 pages. I know more about the writer and his life and his purpose. And by all words, facts and TidBITS, beginning with ‘ A-ak ‘ and ending with ‘ Zywiec ‘ which is the story, have the feeling that I support except enjoy while reading, some have learned. I think ‘ I know everything! ‘ the ideal combination of a fun written, interesting, instructive and very inspiring book.Image removed by redactieA j. J-I know everything! ISBN 90-229-9120-2 AW Bruna

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