Lips like Angelina Jolie?

it seems to be a panacea. In just 60 seconds, you fuller lips without injections, would have to give the product. We are a little apprehensive, because what we will have to endure pain in order to obtain the swelling on the back of the box is shown. There are the lips of a lady who seem doubled in size. Out of precaution, we try it out late in the evening on an evening that we no longer need the door. Because imagine if it’s not there and we like Donald Duck to leave the editor.

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Very careful we start with doping. It looks like a lip gloss looks like. A same applicator, only less shiny. What also stands out is the strong, spicy scent of cinnamon. First doping we gently a small layer. The lips begin to tingle. The swelling seems to continue, so Han, a thicker layer on it. it feels what synthetic to the lips and doesn’t really have a good taste. Tense we look in the mirror. Mild swelling is observable, but still far from being a Angelina Jolie lips. The Editorial Board at number two, the swelling slightly more, but by far not the desired result. Clearly this is per person different. In the mean time we on the editorial staff of in any case, no visit from Brad Pitt to be expected … Perfect Pout costs € 28.50 and can be ordered via the website of Skin Doctors

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