this film is based on the eponymous play by David Auburn that a Pulitzer Prize and won a Tony Award. John Madden, who has already the with Oscars award-winning film ” Shakespeare in love ” made, took the direction of this film in itself. The role of Catherine is played by Gwyneth Paltrow who also accounted for in this role play that was on display in London. This actress is not a favorite of mine because I find that they are in many of her films the same chilly look, but they are excellent for this role is cast because they confused the fragile and Catherine on a nice one way drop. In addition, Sir Anthony Hopkins in this film again a very beautiful role and is very convincing as the mentally ill mathematics professor who continues to search for the ultimate mathematical statement that he can prove. Jake Gyllenhaal which we know from ” The Good Girl ” (with Jennifer Aniston) and ” The Day After Tomorrow ” plays a student mathematics to help shoot and that Catherine is the best and cutest ‘ math nerd ‘ that I’ve seen in a movie so far.

the story begins on the eve of the funeral of Robert, a brilliant mathematics professor and the father of Catherine and Claire. During a decade or so has provided Catherine for her father whose mental health was getting worse. Now, however, she remains behind in the House with questions about the past (displayed through various flashbacks) but also about the future that awaits her. At the same time, she is confronted with Hall, a math student of her father in search of evidence that the professor during his illness still managed to write brilliant mathematical idea ë n on in one of the many notebooks that he left behind after his death. As a result, he is also close to Catherine that he secretly admires. By indications of Catherine finds Hal in a desk drawer by Robert a mathematical statement that may have a significant impact on the mathematical world. Catherine declares that not her father but she has written theorem. Somewhat confused by her Behavior doubt Hall and Claire, the dominant older sister of Catherine, to the veracity of this story. The doubts that Catherine had already about her own sanity are only intensified. In my opinion this movie worth it because everyone might be in for tough, emotional dilemmas will be placed in his or her life, or maybe some less severe in nature, and then the fight that Catherine herself performs fairly recognizable. Proof runs from 10 november 2005 in several Dutch cinemas.

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Proof Miramax Length: 100 minutes Genre: drama Site:

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