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In the context of its worldwide release of her latest Greatest Hits album ” Pieces Of a Dream ” was Anastacia yesterday a crushing occur in the heart of Amsterdam. In the charts is Anastacia now to stay. In Paradiso, she firmly put down her name as diva again. In 1.5 hours time came in the Amsterdam based club all her hits over.

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Accompanied by a great band of seven people was Paradiso by Anastacia put on fire. The little diva came on loud cheers and she opened popping with ” Not that kind ” . They set the tone for the rest of the performance. E é n é n é for her hits came over and flames did they certainly with oily rock version of ” Freak of Nature ” , where the sublime guitar solo’s you flew. Anastacia was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago found. There followed a difficult period. But Anastacia has overcome the disease. The song ” Heavy on my heart ” has written them after following this period. It’s about the support she has received from family, friends, and especially fans. You notice during her concerts, she sings this song, they themselves if they also equally must swallow. In Paradiso seemed itself, by the intimate atmosphere of the concert, that the world really just stood still.

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Her fans were from near and far come to this \ ‘ showcase \ ‘ to be present. Anastacia has much thanks to them, and not that she sticks. In between, she started focusing charming to them, she recognized some of them even from other concerts (!) and she thanked them that France, Russia, Germany, they all the way from Austria and the United Kingdom etc. had come. All gifts, teddy bears, cards, drawings and letters that were thrown on stage, placed them on the side with the promise that they would all quiet on the plane reading and viewing. She was pleasantly surprised with a jacket that she had received for her doggy! After the concert she came back for a fat Encore: of course she sang her hit ” Alone ” and a beautiful performance of ” Dream on ” by Aerosmith, which she has never sung in front of an audience. We therefore had a small premi è re! For anyone who knows this number: there is such a good swipe in. It is not yet clear where Anastacia gets that, but Paradiso ontpolfte. Delicious! Anastacia dare! She has guts! What a voice! What a charisma! And she’s also a warm personality, and d à t all makes Anastacia to a true star, which will rise higher in the future!

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