The return of A-Ha

How to watch your back in the 80 ‘s, the great success period? Morten: with mixed feelings … The success was okay, until at one point \ \ ‘ over the top ‘ was. Then came the hype, the fanaticism and that was not what I had in mind for myself. Paul: all those screaming girls, that hysteria. It was all of us at some point too much. At one point we were no longer taken seriously by the media.You were once more seen as a boy band. Paul: Yes, and that was utterly unjustified. We were no pre-programmed boys group that songs of others served. A-Ha made his own songs and since we were proud of. We have despite all the hysteria around A-Ha our integrity are always retained. Magne: now we are finally starting from. Now artists such as Chris Martin of Coldplay us as his great example calls his critics come back to us as well to see boy band.Do you have still the same \ ‘ \ ‘ drive for music? Morten: Sure. We are still as enthusiastic with music as twenty years ago. You should see it if you love where you but not of los can come. Paul: it also helps that we are busy with other things than all three A-Ha. I got together with my wife the band Savoy. Magne is a visual artist and also Morten is working on various solo projects. Magne: However, A-Ha always draw. It’s just good to with A-Ha on the stage. Despite the hassles that we occasionally have haha. But that you come even in the very best relationships against.

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Are you nowadays also respectable husband and fathers? Morten: If you should expect that Yes … forties.I am separated from my first wife and remarried. I have three children from my first marriage with Camilla Malmquist. Although we live separately I the kids often. We have a very good band together. Magne: I have a good marriage with two kids. My youngest is six and who misses me very when I’m traveling. We have a fine family. My wife can accept if I well with A-Ha on tour. Paul: I am happily married to Lauren. Apart from our lives we also share a lot of music together in the band Savoy. What does A-Ha today for you guys? Morten: it is now more exciting than before. We need no more to prove. The hype and the hysteria is over and now we go for the music. Paul: performing with A-Ha brings me now more than ever in higher realms. Now we can enjoy it much more than it used to be. Magne: friend, anything goes with A-Ha. That is a nice feeling. If we want to make a plate then we do that and if we do not feel like it then we do not know.The new album is called \ ‘ Analogue \ ‘. Can you tell something about? Paul: he comes from 4 november. We are very enthusiastic about our eighth studio album. We have been doing it for months. Now let me rest here and then I’m back to work. Morten: We will soon be touring so there will except the songs of our old songs also \ ‘ Analogue \ ‘ get an important place in. Magne: it is for us a real challenge to this new songs live to be able to do so. In addition to the \ ‘ golden oldies \ ‘ because where was A-Ha now without the 80 ‘s? Nowhere anyway!A-Ha is on 18 november for a concert in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam

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