Happiness is a decision

So come, among others, Herman van Veen, Karin Spaink, Bram Vermeulen, Theo Kars and Margot Keune to bid. Personal experiences and candid, impressive stories pass in review. As a reader, you will be carried along on their journey, as it were, including the personal highs and lows. You read how they, every man for himself, describe their definition of happiness. For example, the following CRI Salam says: ” happiness is often confused with satisfaction. Luck transcends everything. Happiness is a beautiful feeling. It gets you only bestowed upon them in seconds. If you all in all, a day after meeting a whole human life gets, you are not allowed to grumble. ” sooner or later, everyone is running again. By a great personal drama or by a serious illness. That also makes it so recognizable, for the reader. Happiness is personal, but also accident, claims the author. Gradually one discovers how comparatively some things, such as making money and carri è re making. When you’ve looked death in the eye are you going more conscious life. You are going to make choices, and you decide what é cht matters and what less. You find out who your friends are and what people eat instead of energy yield. You make a clean sweep with yourself and your environment. A personal crisis, as it were, for that makes sure you are forced, sometimes literally, to stand still, and again to shake your cards and decide which ones you throw away and what you hold. For anyone with an interest in this kind of life questions, the book is an absolute must! Partly because of the beautiful appearance (the book is bound and has a silk cover) it is very suitable for a gift, the upcoming holidays.

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ISBN: 9045300605 Publisher: ANU € ô H price: 14.95

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