Chameleon 2

The Chameleon 2 story: In threatening the inhabitants of Lenten Chameleon 2 the dupe of a money-hungry contractor who wants to build a highway and a residential area in the rustic village of. This construction project will be at the expense of a number of farms, but also of the mill The little Bittern, the symbol of Lenten! If the plans to drain, the whole village is in turmoil. Even within the family of Hielke and Sietse klinkhamer blaze high on the discussions on the changes. with the advent of the contractor are happening strange things in the village which also not escaped the twin. So is David, the new girlfriend of Hielke and Sietse, deliberately thrown into the water. The twins can save her just by drowning, but the asthma where Mary leads worsens as a result. They can only cure in an expensive Swiss health resort. Her mother, however, can not pay. Also she is the brunt of the new construction plans, because they are in danger of losing her home and income. Hielke and Sietse immediately decide to take action, but whether the twins the village can save the life of Marieke é n, that’s just the question

Image removed by editing the Chameleon 2 is just like ‘ the skippers of the Chameleon ” , a delightful family film. A movie where you can let your kids to watch, and a film that is also fun to see yourself or together with your children. I have very much enjoyed the strong performance of Hidde Maas as the miser Kaffoor, Maarten Spanjer as Gerben zonderland the funny developer Jack Wouterse as project professional sales girl, Cock, Rense Westra as Constable Chris Zegers who’s Black and with the high lights still in his hair on a barge in the rain is. And the whole movie by you can see various Dutch celebrities in a fun unexpected role. But, Koen and Jos van der Donk as Hielke and Sietse klinkhamer é make this movie as far as I am concerned a cht Chameleon story. Wonderfully disarming as these guys play their part. The Chameleon 2, is a film suitable for young and old. Steven de Jong has recently, after many insist of Kameleon fans, toe said that at least another 3rd Chameleon movie coming, and perhaps a 4th … as far as I am concerned all the Steven Jong 63 Chameleon books film, because he is doing well. But, maybe he can than a chameleon book instead of CD DVD gift? A chameleon book reading, I remain more important than a chameleon movie watching. Even though I find to a chameleon movie also look very nice. If you know your kids play outside rather than in front of the TV like, then you can of course they take with it to the Chameleon Village in Terherne. Debbie and children themselves can play and experience adventures in the Chameleon Sietse.Image removed by editors Chameleon 2 running time 105 minutes spoken Dutch age: from 6 years Bridge Pictures The DVD contains fun extras. So you get a behind the scenes look, look how film ‘ the Chameleon 2 ‘ is made, there is a photo gallery at, subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing and the English subtitles. Also you get a free ‘ Chameleon 2 ‘ CD with 14 tracks. Including the title song and a few songs sung by Sita, Nienke, Tessa, and a hilarious (w) rap by John & Paul

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