Brazilian dance passion heats the Hague

Heat, melancholy, but above all passion and verleidindsdrang. The three-pronged program of the Brazilian (28-piece) dance company Ball é da Cidade de Sao Paulo breathes love in all its aspects. For example in the opening piece ‘ Zona Mina-da ‘ by the Italian Mauro Bigonzetti (a tribute to the ë in Italy since the 1960s still popular singer Mina). There is dripping apart from the casual Italian rock & roll feeling too literally from the love and eroticism. The shoulders, the hips, the legs: they all play a large role in the passionate piece about seduce and be seduced. There it starts already when the dancers face each other in two rows and each other with the chatter of wooden stools stir up. In terms of music give the sixties hits the Italian Mina sure an extra dimension to the piece and provide an extra sense of sweltering hot holiday love. That feeling is further intensified with the third piece of the evening: \ ‘ \ ‘ The Curved Line of the leading choreographer in Netherlands active Itzik Galili. In it is acrobatics with beautiful po ë tische dance combined.Also here is the eroticism Central with men in tight, shiny pants and smart seduction between man and woman. Very important is the presence of Percossa percussion group here, which also accounted for the composition and the live performance of the music. With their exciting sounds (except drum cymbals also from klak knew off) they perform the exotic-style dance from one peak to another. In between there is still \ ‘ \ ‘ of the Irani ë Dualidade @ br r Gagik Ismalian. The dance in which unattainable love is central. Melancholy and despair are the overtone. What the musical accompaniment is concerned, use is made of two extremes: the sad fado music of Amalia Rodriguez and the bright compositions of Wim Mertens. A perfect choice to represent the extremes of the danced desire. The Holland Dance Festival is still to 13 november in the Hague to experience. Upcoming high-profile performances include: Henri Oguike Dance Company’s future, Ivaldo Bertazzo, Dutch Dance Theater I and Back To Basics. For more information on the Holland Dance Festival on:

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