Way Guus

When I listen to the album for the first time, I’m a little disappointed. At first glance I find that Guus monotonous sings and that all numbers are similar to each other. Also I miss the \ ‘ \ ‘ and its delicious old Guus singalongs. The album features namely almost only way and adult numbers. But as I listen to the CD more often, I begin to appreciate him more. After a week long Pointer to have twisted neck, do I also have on my mind coming back … The album opens with the song too long: a great song about how a relationship should take for granted. Guus seems to be the best to know that this is disastrous for the relationship and expressed it beautifully: \ ” I’m sorry that I have for you that I love you must \ ‘. It’s a happy song with a beautiful message and a great opener of the album. Another song that should be praised, his current single: the road. It is an adaptation of the song of the Road of the German singer Herbert Gr nemeyer ö. He dedicated the song to his wife, which he lost in 1999 from cancer. I was just at first wondering if our folk singer as \ a heavy ballad could sing but Guus brings the look very good from. Under guidance of the piano and the string arrangement he makes there a sensitive and touching farewell song of. It will not surprise me if we will find the way back soon in the funeral Top 10. Another track, the song I here should definitely sign is if you ever. It happens not often that gives me goose bumps a song, but the duet between Guus Meeuwis and Xander dam é got this straight for each other. With goose bumps on my arms and tears in my eyes I listened to if you ever: a sad Declaration of love of an abandoned man. The voices of Guus and Xander seem at first glance no combination, but with the great guitar playing in the background, filling the gentlemen each other perfectly. After a week, I have been listening to so really on my mind coming back. At first it seems a somewhat boring album, but as you listened to him more often, you’ll discover beautiful texts, sensitive voices and beautiful instrumental accompaniment. We still have some less good songs, but the other songs make the album well worth the effort. I now believe indeed that Guus \ ‘ \ ‘ has become wiser, but occasionally he may also still be a Studenty sing-along release. Way Guus 1. too long 2. Home 3. No one 4. The road 5. May I dance 6. Flowers 7. The ice is too thin 8. Your hand 9. Wish 10. If you ever 11. Back to when 12. Love is a verb 13. If love

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