Give me a miracle

the poems in this volume are on a lonely place between hope and despair. The despair that is the result of perception: And the years go by, and the dream does not come, and the redemption either. And the hope which always remains, in these poems sometimes as a conscious choice, sometimes as a primal force.And here I am waiting for the joyful message In the evening sheet: Crow meet pigeon In bottomless universe. Alexis loves in this bundle hopes in stand. The title is not for nothing a warrant. He defies decay, chaos. He invites the love from on the edge of the abyss. He wants all his might exist, and is not afraid to show that. Give me a dream, he writes. Give me a miracle. Give me the snowfields of the night. On the other hand, he too often helpless watch everything disappears. The language used, Alexis is rich. He refers to well known and old stories, like Kadam and the story of the flood, making his poems even more dimension than they already have by his beautiful word choice. Who do not know right away how a baby blue sky looks like? In short: give me a miracle is a collection perfect poems, where nearly everything, as it should, between the lines and the words written, but without that it is for the reader is ” difficult ” or ” heavy ” . You just need the booklet and your soul to save, and you open it bobbing on the waves. The next day you might be doing something with this bundle. Probably you notice that you need to make haste, because: day sweetheart. Some things I never said, but always thought.Image removed by editors give me a miracle by Alexis de Roode is november 11, presented during the po ë ziecircus in Utrecht. (My apologies to the poet, because I just put sentences have cut loose from the body to which they belonged. It is up to the readers to picking them up and lay back to where they belong.)

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