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On the sleeve of the DVD abdominal exercises for Dummies State Gay Gaspar in a tight blue with black Pack lying on a mat. And if I put the DVD in the DVD Player do meet me again she laughs. This time in and yellow top with underneath a super muscular abdomen. She is a shout to get started. While she talks, she laughs all the time her bleached teeth. With such a professional fitness instructor gay Gaspar is 19 years of experience. She was the first American Steps champion and appeared as early as more than 27 fitness video’s. and with her I’m going for the first time in my life seriously do abdominal exercises. You have the choice to the exercises in the Dutch spoken (dubbed) or in English (American original) to do. Gay Gaspar told smiling that they a great abdominal muscle training cre ë erde that’s easy to follow is at every level. Even though you’re a beginner. But you don’t have to think it is a piece of cake, familiar to them smiling. Training those tight and trained abdominal muscles takes work, time and persevere. And she encourages you with a: but you can do it!

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The work out starts with a proper warm up. In total the DVD takes 45 minutes and 52 seconds. I am already tired if I think of it but I also want to know if I have abdominal muscles, so on the advice of Gay, who has a black suit for the workout, cloaking my body in comfortable sportswear, I lie down on my mat and put a bottle of water beside me down. Do a warm up first and then we loose. I do in 10 chapters things where I’ve never heard of have. -Standard sit up-hip lifting-combined sit up. -Diagonal sit up-leg sit-up with thrust-Cycling-Toes tapping-spins-Lie support with bent knee bone-ë n-Lie support levy. In between, you’ll see a split screen with a variation exercise. The base or the challenge exercise. So you can start at your leisure and if you naturally stronger is by regularly to do abdominal exercises that you can do the challenge exercise. Gay Gaspar does them literally laughing while I’m sighs and support on my mat and take a SIP of water. Between exercises by you get ” Beware ” , ” myth ” , ” Jargon ” , ” Tip ” and ” important ” to see Icons. Which icons help you to get the most out of the abdominal muscle program. I feel with the icon when I see caught with: smuggling does not help! For best results, combine your workout with a sensible diet and do your Aerobics workout. Because to do, burned your fat and you can see the result faster. And that seems to me a good motivation. But for now I keep it anyway but equally in this DVD.

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After 45 minutes: see my head look like a tomato, and I feel my upper body anymore. I have the sustained, it is to do! And for the double check do I do the complete abdominal exercises workout the following weeks about 2 times a week. Also, I do once a week the turbo training. These 10 minute workout is also on this abdominal exercises DVD. And is ideal for if you don’t have the time or inclination in 42 minutes abdominal exercises. You will be at least just as tired of it and I believe it helps as well. At the end of each workout you should just stretching. I’m still every time knackered and have strong tend to remain on the ground. Similarly the days after. I have ABS! Yes, I know it for sure, otherwise I also not that huge belly muscle-muscle pain. In the end, did you post the complete workout more than 200 abdominal exercises done. You’re on your way to tighter ABS. That I believe so, but think: when I see them then? Gay Gaspar says: keep hope! Fortunately you can also turn off the sound and music on the DVD. So you hear her call not always smiling: ok, only 8 times, and only 8 times … So you can practice on your favorite music. That work also very motivating. I start almost like it and I feel I’m there after a few weeks off and then just as in laugh as the Gay Gaspar. Ok. Now that flat stomach yet …Image removed by editing DVD abdominal exercises for Dummies 45minuten and 52 seconds. Scan Box Order Online! Train your abs  Train your abs abdominal exercises for Dummies

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