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Esprit: Merry folklore materials of the winter collection by Esprit are sturdy and robust. By chunky knit sweaters and vests with folklore motives to corduroy pants and skirts. Almost all garments are carried out in different colors, so you can combine well with each other. There is used a lot of cheerful autumn colours like red, fuchsia, green and orange, combined with brown tones. The clothes from Esprit is now also on their website to order, the shipping costs are even free. That makes it very tempting to shopping from the comfort of your own home…

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Oilily: fairy tale with a wink this fall you imagine yourself in the land of the Tsar and tsarina’s. the fairytale themed far by Oilily in her children’s collections with busy prints of matryoshka’s fire, wolves and birds. The materials are ideal for the Siberian cold to defy. There is used a lot of (rib) velvet, faux fur and chunky knit sweaters and jackets. The autumn colours orange, green, purple, fuchsia and brown tones prevail in the recognizable Oilily-prints. Many handmade accessories and applications as crochet flowers brighten up the whole on. it is a collection of fairy-like clothes with a wink.

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Eager Beaver: tough and streetwise Eager Beaver-like Oilily-a Dutch brand of origin and meets the international children fashion brands. The company has now a decade and has this fall a collection that especially inspired by skaters and racers. This is especially back in the sweaters, shirts and jackets. The autumn colours of Eager Beaver are red, yellow and black, but also fuchsia, green and purple. The boys and girls clothing is baggy and streetwise to name a few. That is, wide trousers with big pockets and spacious falling shirts with great logo prints. Eager Beaver in her collection makes much use of jeans with special details. Their jeans are now legendary, a must have for every kinderkledingkast. The emphasis is on \ ‘ \ ‘ tough and this translates into easy to wear children’s clothes that can take a beating. In short, the time of princes and princesses dressed in pastel colours seems to be over. Bright colors and tough clothing with lots of jeans prevail in the children fashion trends. That looks a lot more cheerful out … For more information:

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