Flawless Perfection

few weeks back from Max Factor picked up big with a demonstration of the latest \ ‘ Flawless Perfection \ ‘ foundation in club Panama in Amsterdam. They had none other than make-up artist Sarah Monzani flown over to take on this task. Sarah has included the makeup provided for different movies as \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Interview With the Vampire and The live or David Gale \ ‘. They even won an oscar for the make-up of Madonna in the film Evita and still works a lot with Madonna. Flawless Perfection is a 2-step foundation which consists of a kind of primer, the Skin Perfecting Complex, which creates a nice smoother skin and the foundation itself, the Colour Finsh, which is available in different shades. The result is stunning. The skin looks natural, smooth and radiant without gloating. Unlike a regular foundation remains Flawless Perfection sit nicely throughout the day and camouflages lines and wrinkles by filling them with the primer. Flawless Perfection camouflages imperfections perfectly, without being heavy or to look dressy. We are very excited about this new foundation by Max Factor!

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Flawless Perfection is now for sale at most drugstores and parfumerien and the MSRP is 14.95 euro.

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