DVD: Charlie and the chocolate factory

for those who both the book, as the version from 1971 have missed the story in short: Each day comes the death of poor Charlie beyond the mysterious chocolate factory Willy Wonka. The gates of this factory, where the best chocolate of the whole world being created, are always closed. One day invites Willy Wonka chocolate bar all children who find a golden Wonderbon at their factory to visit with their parents. é é Is one of the lucky ones also Charlie. But by all kinds of strange occurrences é é é é n the children disappear for n. only the poor, but also insightful and gold fair Charlie remains…

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In the first film adaptation took the role of the disturbed Gene Wilder Willy Wonka in itself. In this version put Johnny Depp this stature on a briljantere the way down yet. Johnny Depp has, of course, what with vague types, to think of Wade Walker in Cry Baby and of course the brilliant Edward Scissorhands. Depp then put also a fantastic, quixotic and disturbed Willy Wonka down. That Tim Burton this film to his name, is also clearly seen. The atmosphere in which the film takes place is really great to call it, you can imagine yourself completely gone in the chocolate world. Every now and then you have the idea as if you go to a cartoon is a look, so beautiful are all sets and makeup. Also the black humor, what Burton is not strange, comes back in this movie. A bit of a pity is the lousy English dubbing, but if you’re completely in the movie is, is this also so forgotten and one advantage of the DVD, of course, is that you can view just the English version (though that’s difficult with small children of course). If you have not seen him in the cinema, then this DVD a must. Some more extra’s on the DVD had, however, been fun because it contains only the theatrical trailer and a clip. From 16 november on DVD available. Also check out the official Charlie and the chocolate factory websiteSjakie and the chocolate factory Warner Bros. Entertainment 110 min

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