Yasmin: wake up call

the double life that young Muslims nowadays, leiden, is depicted in this movie very explicitly. When Yasmin (Archie Panjabi) gets up, dresses them in Islamic dress nomination and do them a scarf. During the morning prayer that the mosque through speakers in the entire neighborhood performer, dress them in a remote place to. Her Islamic clothes go out and go to a modern jeans and tight top. Also her brother leads two lives: during the day he reads the koran under the guidance of his father and he sells weed and in the evening he messes \ what to with British girls.

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Yasmin is leading two lives difficult, but bearable. Until such time that supporters of Al Queda a attack on the Twin Towers. From that time are there weird notes on her safe stuck, where \ ‘ Yasmin loves Osama \ ‘ on State and also in the pub, she is aangeken weird because they believe in islam. She feels forced to make a choice … is it the é mosque or the caf?

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The whole movie is really about the choice that Yasmin have to make in the search for her identity. ü Any notice, because they feel compelled to make a choice, the filmmaker shows that the contrast between Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe is enormous. The film, however, goes further than that. it becomes clear that European Muslims n ó g more than other Europeans are the victims of the terrorist attacks. They are just like everyone else, but be afraid-because they are also Islamic-held responsible for the attacks. A good example is the scene in which a friend of Yasmin after 9/11 against its says: \ ‘ Nobody or you came forward to say your sorry’s. The film also goes in on the fact that more and more Muslims to the fundamental side of their faith and is painfully obvious why. Yasmin is a real wake up call. It offers a starting point of an awareness-raising process, that a number of people-including myself-perhaps can use. So, have you rarely, if ever, engrossed in the Islamic fears and problems after the september 11 attacks? Then you should definitely watch this movie.Genre: drama Director: Kenneth Glenaan Cast: Archie Panjabi, Renu Feng, Shahid Ahmed and others length: 90 minutes Release: 17 november 2005

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