Safri Duo thrums the world over

the name is now no longer from the party-scene to stay. Who Safri Duo says thinks of the summer of 2001 when the infectious \ ‘ \ ‘ Played A-Live (The Bongo Song) was synomien with events. Uffe Savery and Morten Friis were even awarded an MTV Award for best European Dance Act. And with that, the success story for the Danes not yet finished, because if an observant producer \ ‘ Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) \ ‘ not picked up had then earned the duo still today their living in the world of classical music. ” The carri è re of Safri Duo has a nontrivial walking ” says Uffe soon after they received their prestigious European award. ” In 1988 we made our entrance in classical music. Just graduated from the Royal Danish Conservatory Of Classical Music and vegetables in the box we dreamed of a career as a classical percussionists ” . The two prodigies were prepped for a future in concert halls around the world. Nothing or no one would ever have thought that this duo then thirteen years later the first places of the world dance charts would occupy. Morten: ” Oh no, that would be when occurred with us are impossible. We had a glorious future in the classical music for us. Opera House in Sydney, Lincoln Center in New York and Royal Albert Hall in London are some of the great concert halls we have seen inside and out ” . ” And the Dutch Concertgebouw ” fills Uffe there to far because the Danes made their appearance there as well. ” We were famous in the classic scene and had a major reputation in that field. We did about ten years to reach that level, while we were in the pop within a year at the top were. Classic is a market where you have no cd’s are selling and also not constant with your head on tv screen. Commerce, that’s what it’s all about in this business. MTV, TMF and massively on the radio and then comes the cash flow without saying ” . Classic meets dance however, Safri Duo also in the classical world seen as innovative. ” Classic percussion is not really typical in classical. We had to build its own repertoire with adaptations of Bach, Ravel and Chopin and that also gave enough challenge ” according to Morten. Temporarily, because after 10 years had seen the Safri Duo in the world of dusty classics and went looking for new musical paths. And that they found nowhere less than in the dance. That was a story in itself.Uffe: ” it came to us when we after a classical concert in London decided to deposit us out in the British club scene. When we heard all those dance-numbers beyond come we thought: h é, missing something here. All those monotonous, computer-controlled sounds can also use a serving lively percussion ” . Shortly afterwards (in the summer of 2000) saw \ ‘ Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) \ ” the light and the combination of two worlds was born. An active producer/dj launched the catchy song on the Love Parade in Berlin and … bingo! Around the world danced a frenzied audience on the riveting Danish rhythm and we all know what came of it.From classical to dance, a giant step. They want to ever be back? ” I don’t even want to think to get back into that silent concert halls to sit ” calls Uffe. ” In the dance went there a world for us open. The enthusiasm, the intensity and the hysteria of the public there can just drag you to nothing against the unprecedented heights and I would like to mention the almost an addiction, where you never comes more from ” . The Safri Duo is one of the important acts on the classic meets pop festival Night Of The Proms (from 16 november twelve times in Ahoy Rotterdam). There are also performances by Seal, Roger Daltrey (of The Who), Frank Boeijen, John Miles and many others to admire. For more information on

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