In conversation with Edsilia

How are you theatre tour? Very good! We pull along all kinds of small rooms and the tour is already a great success. You see me through my music in different phases of my life. I’m doing songs of yesteryear, where my mother had something with and from the time of my youth. I’m back with a happy feeling. My mother was a single woman who has given us a beautiful youth. We – my mother, my brother and I were often – with Threesomes at home and did all kinds of fun things together. Those intimate, warm atmosphere let me also a little bit coming back during my version \ ‘ \ ‘ from an early age.You are currently working on a new album. You can tell all about? It is a Dutch plate, where also several other people apart from myself in terms of lyrics and music to cooperate. There are songs on about all kinds of topics. One of them is about girlfriends and how we always cycled home from school with the girls. Because I am young with music started I have very many things have to miss and there goes the song about. I would like to make a é cht successful album by the way and I hope that with this record succeeds.How important is your Caribbean background? Quite important, even though I’m born and raised in Netherlands. I feel quite Antilles, especially in terms of temperament and heat. I love the Caribbean conviviality, salsa dancing, the parties and the food. Unfortunately I don’t speak Papiamento which I find quite a bit of a shame.You are now ten years busy with music. How do you look back? I have never been before, but now I realize it actually me though. I’m only 27, but have already spent a whole carri è re are sitting on. Also, I can make my hobby into my work and not many people can say that right? I am also pleased how things have gone and do not regret anything. I always think: things happen for a reason. It just has to be z ó.When did you know that music would be your future? When I got more and more performances after the Soundmix show. I started with the day to enjoy more of the stage. If there is a quiet period dawned I became restless again because I like those b ü hne on wild again.What music moments don’t forget more? That there are quite a lot. Occur with Michiel Borstlap in the concert hall there was a é, but also Carr with Trijntje (Oosterhuis). And then the trip to Chicago, also with Michiel Borstlap. We have also done on street performances there. It was very nice when people came to me to say they liked my voice. Oh yeah and of course six times Ahoy \ ‘ with Rene Froger. That was also a highlight é cht. Actually were all unforgettable moments where I have also learned a lot.What do you want to achieve with your music yet? That a wide audience next year my Cabrera at home and enjoy it. And that if they set up him they there are certain memories on that basis. That gives music than not only for me but also for the listeners an extra dimension again.For more information about Edsilia’s theatre tour on this week get ready also win tickets to her show, click here to join!

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