The Tapdogs

it is incredible what these men show up on the field of tap dancing. They alternate, then individually, to whole dances regularly in the same rhythm to meet. The stage is ingeniously built and in no time they have it, dancing, renewed and adjusted. Personally, I think é é n of the highlights the moment, which they already jointly tapdansend the drum computers play and a nice piece of music-making. During the swirling action of balls are used, scaffolding, welding devices and flashlights. Everything is going at a high rate. As a bouncer there is the cooling act with water. The first two rows can protect itself partly with rain capes that handed out, but they do not guarantee that you will actually dry keeps … You have been warned! The standing ovation at the end of their show The Tapdogs got from the enthusiastic audience, was rightly deserved in my eyes.

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This talented dancers, rapidly conquer the world. Dein Perry, the founder and choreographer of the Tapdogs, has his childhood dream realized with the founding of this group. How successful they are is shown by the fact that the shows are staged at the same time, in various places around the world, with groups in America, Australia and New Zealand ë. In 2000 opened The Tapdogs even the Olympic Games in Sydney. Supported by a live band, exhibit these tough guys, their tapkunsten. Power vs. precision, toughness vs. refinement. Those are The Tapdogs! Only in the dear camp in Oss are they to admire this season. 15-20 november they there on with their \ ‘ 10th Years Anniversary Tour \ ‘. Don’t miss out, there are still tickets available! For reservations: the sweet camp Tel. No. 0412-648922www. lievekamp. en do you want a taste of the show, please check out:

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