Girls love Manolo

what many people do not know is that Manolo Blahnik is a Spaniard. He spent his childhood in Santa Cruz de la Palma, where he was born in 1942 from a wealthy Czech father and Spanish mother. The small child was already a real Manolo shoes freak. He made shoes for the dogs and iguanas from silver paper and pink ribbons on the plantation where he lived. That ” shiny ” shoes were the forerunners of his current designs. The family traveled often to Paris and Madrid, where his mother purchases did of her favorite designers.

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His parents wanted their son would become a diplomat and sent him to the University in gene è ve, where he briefly studied law. He moved to Paris and studied stage design. His first step into the fashion world was as a buyer of jeans in a boutique in London. In 1970 he is by his good friend Paloma Picasso introduced to Diana Vreeland, editor of Vogue. To her he showed his sketches for movie sets, but they only had an eye for the beautiful shoes that the characters had on his drawings and advised him to start designing shoes. He did.

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In 1973 he opened a boutique in London, Zapata, which directly was a success. He soon received a ‘ famous le client è \ ‘, including Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall. He expanded to New York, Hong Kong and Beverly Hills, and retained his London headquarters. Currently, Manolo Blahnik é n é of the most famous shoemakers in the world. Per year 60,000-70,000 copies of his shoes over the counter. He now can under his famous clients names like Winona Ryder, Ivana Trump, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Kylie Minogue and just about every supermodel on the globe count. It\ ‘s Manolo’s \ ‘ costs 350 euro, but the women are literally to his shoes! Manolo Blahnik claims that his shoes are painless, though the heel 12 cm high. According to him it is a question of the right balance. He cuts therefore also all his shoes itself until it’s perfect. Where it comes through; Girls love Manolo!

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