Toleriane; Tested by sensitive and critical eye tested the special lotion. I use not much eye make-up (often also not useful if your skin reacts sensitively to there) but have for the occasion in the morning what eye shadow, mascara and eye pencil gained. The lotion is packed in sterile ampoules and this makes the packaging there is no more beautiful or more practical on. Per ampoule is 5 ml. (30 ampoules per box for 10 5.25 ampoules from € 13.25 and € in a temporary action package) 5 ml is pretty much for a one-time cleaning and you can of course keep the ampoule (hygi ë will no longer be referred to as subject) but such a packaging remains with me not stand upright on the bathroom shelf. It is very easy to knock over bumps and among all the other jars, tubes and squeeze bottles not easy to find! The instructions on the package tells you to drench a cotton ball for each eye with the lotion. With the cotton ball to rub over the eyes but not on your closed eyelid application. All goes fine and the lotion also cleans perfectly. Strangely enough I get a tight feeling after use around the eyes. And that is not. It feels like I’ve cleaned my eyes with an aggressive medium.

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Girlfriend Sandra with critical and lenzendragend eye also wanted to best test and was pretty happy. ” I’ve never cleans so well, that stuff had what I found really super. So fast and so clean. My skin was really dry. (because it’s so clean is after) and I would really recommend getting a nachtcr è me to use then, else shoot the wrinkles in it! ” Sandra received a warm tightness feeling around the eyes and find the packaging anything but useful. ” I have a total of two-thirds of the stuff, so that I find really impractical. If I use again tonight, therefore, I must use one third of a new bottle. ” all in all, not the ideal product. What I also regret to many user manuals, and so did this, the incomprehensible texts: the formula with sodium hyaluronate, lost immediately make up on and gives the cleaned eyelids feel refreshed. The high tolerance has been clinically tested on more than 500 women with sensitive eyes and is guaranteed by a very strict formulation Charter and by wrapping in sterile ampoules. This may be best in normal Dutch. The text suggests that there is to literally translated from another language. Other small minus point is that the lotion is not suitable for removing waterproof makeup. With the price of € 13.25 I come to the conclusion that the sensitive eyes of us better looking can go to a cheaper and friendlier product. Who know a good alternative or has found the ultimate product? Share your tip with other readers on the forum under the item ‘ at ‘ sensitive eyes Body & Beauty ‘

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