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I should, at the invitation of Thermae Son, get acquainted with the latest development in the field of Wellness: the Vinotherapy. The products supplied in the course of this treatment be used are 100% natural and are made from red grapes. The beneficial effects of the anti-oxidants which contain these grapes, it concerns stopping pollution and aging of the skin. All products from this skin care line are usable on the whole body. So there is no separate è facial or lichaamscr me. This is originally from Germany and Vinotherapy Thermae Son has the scoop in Netherlands in this field. And I should test today, by a treatment there. There are worse things to think of … After I’ve spent the morning in the baths; with sauna’s, herbal baths and steam baths, and a delicious lunch have enjoyed, I become friendly received by rose. In her treatment room sounds the soothing music softly in the background and while I’m being covered up with towels, they lay me out what awaits me. A complete facial treatment includes a foot and hand massage. She tells me about the working of the products they used and I try to include as much information as you know me. My feet and hands are in the meantime delicious gescrubt and then packed in foil. Additional heated Grapeseed (hand) shoes to go the whole are beneficial effect to make it do. Also under my neck and on my stomach is a warm grape seed bag laid. I can no more side on. not that I have any need at this time …

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When Rose my face cleans and treats, surprised the pleasant, fresh fragrance of the Vino products me time and time again. I undergo a peeling based on druivenpittenmix and a relaxing scalp massage. When then my face, neck and é decollet expertly massaged, there remains to me nothing more to be desired. I connect the world around me outside, enjoy the moment and let me cherish. I feel, how also the very last remnant of tension out of my body disappears, under her skilled hands. After the massage brings them a face mask at me, that consists of grape seed flour, lotion, oil and red wine. Equally I am distracted, because I’ve gotten the now so warm that it kinda uncomfortable. My feet, hands and back glowing. Just when I decide something by saying, tells me that the mask so \ ‘ n Rose fifteen minutes in the meantime and that they need to pull my hands and feet will liberate the so-called gasket. At my request, put them also the heated seat off (!). Delicious! That I had just needed here. Again I give me over to a delicious foot and hand massage and remember me in the meantime that I could easily get used to here… I feel I’m becoming lomer word. Rose let me alone and shortly thereafter I catch myself on a light snore…

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When they remove the mask, as the last, and then my face with a nurturing cr è me unfortunately, covering up herself is my treatment. one and a half hours as many as is rose with me have been busy. However, it feels at all. Time flies when you’re having fun! When leaving the baths I get, in style, a bottle of red wine to take home. When I test them later that night, I enjoy in silence even after a fantastic experience! For those who have become interested in these delectable Vinotherapy ge ï I put the possibilities are even get this straight: • 55-minute facial treatment (55 euro) • facial including hand and foot care of 85 minutes (70 euro) • body massage with warm grape seed oil of 55 minutes (50 euro) • body peeling with nourishing gasket of Grapeseed Oil and body lotion by 55 minutes (50 euro) • body peeling, with nourishing wrap and massage with warm grape seed oil of 115 minutes (95 euros) • red wine bath with grape seed oil and grape seed extract of 25 minutes (works ontgiftigend and ontslakkend) (22 euros) for more information, also about the others opportunities and packages that you offer, I would refer you like Thermae Son by visiting their site:

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