Dyanne Beekman: a Passion for Fashion


What are d trends for the upcoming season? I would say, look at Passion for Fashion and of course on what www.dyanne.nl!Welke color or garment can no longer é cht this season? There is no color that cannot, in fact, anything goes on color area and in terms of garment. However, never wear something too small. Because unfortunately happens too often that…What part of the game in a good basic collection at home? A pair of jeans of the moment. Law and itself might be a little tapering. What also should not be missing is a black own look with fitted colbert, the pants also straight and tapered pipe or a skirt below the knee.Who are your style icons? Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Coco Chanel and Steve McQueen. what garment is timeless to call it? I would say no é é … n!What is your favorite garment? My Japanese jeans.Would you get involved as a candidate to a program like LookingGood or Passion for Fashion? Absolutely! For I myself certainly Passion for Fashion would like to give, because all your weaknesses be discussed and there is actually something to is done. There is all the time for you and in the days when there is rotated, you stand as a candidate at the Centre. At the end of the last day of shooting you have gotten a lot of advice (what do your confidence grow/making you look has strengthened) and is also your clothing, lingerie and footwear collection pretty extensive.Which candidate is your head and why? Crazy enough that so far all the candidates, who have undergone a remake in Passion for Fashion, because they all have something in them, what is wrong with the outside. They all had a very powerful inside, but that was not reflected in their dress style. One of the candidates emerged, after a mirror image training of mine and then some individual opinions, into a strong, confident young woman.What Celebrity style you like? Just look on www.beekmanstyling.com! (Dyanne did/does among other styling for Wendy van Dijk, Marco Borsato and Ilse DeLange-red.)Which known Dutchman or foreigner would you still like to restyle? I would really not know.What do you Vrouw.nl? Good initiative!From 23 november at 8: 30 so to see on Net 5;
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