A feast of recognition with A-Ha

an evening of recognition and an evening of new acquaintance. A-Ha presented a menegling of old hits and new songs from their new, recently released cd ‘ Analogue \ ‘. Of course we recognized them one by one: \ ‘ The Sun Always Shines On Tv \ ‘, \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Stay On These Roads, Hunting High and Low \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Take On Me and of course. With which the Group A-Ha all unforgettable hits are made immortal.

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The (not sold-out) Heineken Music Hall was filled with \ ‘ die-hards \ ‘ and other admirers of the Norwegian formation. Sometimes they knew the songs Word for Word and could lead singer Morten Harket are task just transfer it to \ ‘ \ ‘ are public. The enthusiasm was still there in any case, as well as the sound because that seemed to dissipate the years despite the still the same: the magic of A-Ha is never lost.

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Also read the interview that we recently had with the Lords of A-ha. Also been? Let us know how you found here under!

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