Interview with Belle Perez (+ win tickets!)

wanted you used to be a singer? Starting my fifth I followed flamenco and dance classes. I did sing in groups, but only for my pleasure. Do you know why? I used to be very very shy! I prefer music made on my little room war no one could hear me.Yet you singer become … When I was older, I continued to sing. Then I felt myself more secure. Preferably I sang in Spanish. I love you very much that music. That is quite understandable, because I’m finally Spanish. But you live in Belgium ë. Are you now more Spanish or more Belgian? I feel bit of both, although I do have Spanish nationality. If I’m in Spain I have nostalgia for Belgium ë, but it also happens the other way around. Spain I think, great for the weather and of course for my family. My grandmother lives in Almu ñ é car in southern Spain. It’s wonderful to be there.What do you think Grandma of your music? Totally amazing! I have a hip Granny though! She loves music and especially in Spanish. My music will find them wonderful, because that can make them understand. And she has such beautiful stories! I can really listen to it ú renlang.

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You look with pleasure on your childhood back? It was very very fine. I’m looking forward with a nice feel on back. I’m in a Belgian village in an area that grew up with a lot of young people. We were always very pleasant with his all on the village square. That was our world, our little island. I really really had a wonderful time.Name a highlight from your carri è re? That there are so many. Maybe I have the best memories of my early years. Then I did to the European Eurovision. The song what I did there ended up on table at an American record company. Then went the ball rolling. I could enjoy on a concert tour of Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Italy ë ë… It was fantastic!Which artists you admire? I love many kinds of music. Spanish-language music do I think I have the most fun. Shakira I find awesome, especially her combination of Arabic with rock. But I turn also English-language rock though. It simply depends on my mood.And now you will experience so your big dream? Yes, as you can see. Already as a little girl I was dreaming of a zangcarri è re, but I was too shy for. Now I’m glad I persevered have. This is really the most delicious life that I can think of. I hope there is still a long time to go through. On 30 november, Belle Perez for a mega latino concert in the Heineken Music Hall. That will be nice dancing and swinging. Forget the winter! Belle brings the summer for you to the room! Would you like to experience this concert with We have a number of cards to give away for this concert! To win these cards, give us the correct translation of the following text: Dime, no digas que no ú el amor que sientes Muestrame mi amor t Dame tu calor, todo mi amor Viviremos juntos la pasi ó n Mail the right answer together with your user name and address to and who knows are you on 30 november to swing in the Heineken Music Hall. Without registered user name you can unfortunately not join! Only é é n entry per address is accepted. Join can t/m 25 november

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