Eat or not eat?

Anorexia is characterized by the deliberately suppressing appetite and hunger feelings. Patients often eat only according to a very tight schedule pati ë (low calorie ë n and no fats) and combine them with excessive sports that to there ‘ yet but for sure that tummy remains under control ‘. However, this belly is no! Indeed, they have a highly distorted self image. This is also é é n of the causes that they consider themselves not as sick; other girls find they are skinny, but not himself. Bulimia is actually a food addiction. There is no appetite to experience to urge for food. Some have a binge twice a week, others have more than one per day. After so mood tries the pati ë nt eating again as quickly as possible to get rid of it by vomiting or laxatives to use. The physical effects of eating disorders are manifold: menstruation stops, heart rate and respiration becomes slower, blood pressure decreases, body temperature drops (because there is little calorie ë n be burned), pati ë get patients sleep problems and can get edema in the lower legs. Also kidney and liver damage and even heart rhythm disturbances and cardiac arrest occur. In short, eating disorders are life-threatening and unfortunately survives ten percent of patients the disease not ë pati. Because such patients make high demands on themselves ë pati, but their behavior is often not under control, it creates a negative self-image. They are trying their behavior in all sorts of ways for others to keep hidden and come so unreliable about it. Even partners and good girl friends often do not know what is going on. Pati ë patients often come in a vicious circle in which self-esteem still further declines. Depression and anxiety disorders also occur. On the causes of eating disorders is speculated for years, especially on the influence of the media, the prevailing fashion image et cetera. In addition to cultural-social causes, there is also evidence for physical causes. Do you want to know more about possible causes, but also about diagnosis and treatment, take a look at and, on on (Stichting Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa). Here you can also do a test online. Do you have an eating disorder or do you know someone with an eating disorder and would you like to come in contact with fellow sufferers? Then go on Saturday 26 november

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