In a city 1300 kilometers further dives Rose under at Daughters and sisters, an organization that provides shelter battered women. There she is taken care of by Anna Stevenson and she builds a new life slowly but surely: after a while she gets her own room in the city and gets work at a company where they existing books on tape by speaking. In a pawn shop, she meets Bill, with whom she had a relationship gets. There also she discovers a painting that exercises a great attraction on her. She buys it and in the course of the time she discovers that the painting has a particular meaning for her. Meanwhile, her husband Norman looking for the woman who dared to make with his bank card to go off any notice, to leave ü é h m. In his quest to take revenge on her he shuns no means, which has major consequences for the new people in the life of Rose. If he has found her almost, follows the climax of the book at a separate location: … Image in the landscape of the painting removed by editing The 58-year-old Stephen King wrote in 1973 the book Carrie, that two years later was made into a film. However, it was the book The Shining that for the final breakthrough made. His next books were all bestsellers. Who does not know the ordeal, it, the curse, Christine, Misery and Pet sematary? Many of his books have been made into a film, in which King has a small roll of regularly as a gimmick. Because he not always was content with the film adaptation of his books, has a number of scenarios for films made himself King and directed own the movie ‘ Maximum overdrive ‘. Rosie is a fat pill, almost 460 pages. However, once you start to the book, do you want to keep reading. The storyline – alternately from the perspective of Rose and Norman – is clear and reads the book away. The true fans of Stephen King have the book read, of course, long and wide, but also for the people who are less likely to deal with a book in hand, this is a great attraction. Image removed by editor Rosie – Stephen King Luitingh publishing house ISBN: 90 245 5533 7

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