The Wizard of OZ 2 disc Special Edition

for those who haven’t seen this movie has for the past 66 years: Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) is a sweet girl who along with her uncle Henry, aunt Em, and little dog Toto on a farm in Kansans lives. Dorothy to circumstances decision to walk away. At the time that she decides that surely won’t run away n good solution is, and they walk back home she and her dog in a tornado and eventually right in the land of OZ. The land of OZ is a beautiful colorful world with sweet and evil witches, Munchkins from Munchkin Country and talking trees. Dorythy want it as quickly as possible back to her house and aunt and uncle in Kansas. To be able to come home she needs on her red shiny shoes, gotten the good witch of the North, along with The Wizard of Oz. This wizard lives at the end of a long yellow stone road (yellow brick road) in the beautiful green Emerald City. He is the only one that Dorothy can help to get home. On the way to him, comes Dorothy a talking Scarecrow (scarecrow) against. He would like to brains instead of straw in his head. Moments later run them against a man of Tin (tin man) to, this would like a heart ticking and a frightened cross-eyed lion (cowardly lion) would like a little courage. For four and Toto they decide, hampered by the wicked witch of the West, the long road to the Wizard of OZ yellow stone to go. Hopefully he can fulfill their desires… The film begins in a Sepia color but once Dorothy in the colorful Land of OZ has landed, jump the color (Technicolor) of the screen. And of course the famous songs sung. \ ‘ Somewhere over the Rainbow \ ‘ is perhaps the best known, but also the other songs such as: \ ‘ There’s no place like home \ ‘ \ ‘ and of course The Wonderful Wizard of OZ \ ‘, its still fine to hear and make this movie to what ie is: a classic.

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Fascinated, I looked to this digitally restored version. The glittering sequins on the bright red shoes of Dorothy glitter you. The Yellow Brick Road, looks like gold. The sky is clear blue and the wicked witch is green. The whole movie is ” polished ” and this makes it even more fun to go to to watch the Wizard of OZ. Onto 1 DVD as extra oa: the story of the book and what is different is in the movie. Also the restoration of the original movie is discussed. Angela Lansbury (Jessica Fletcher/murder she wrote) rumors the different topics to each other. And what great fun and special material is: ‘ We haven’t Really with Properly \ ‘, an introduction by means of Visual material with the actors and their roles. Very nice to see and to know that little dog Toto in it really isn’t a he, but a

Image she is removed by editors when looking at the 2 DVD, I fall of the emotions. Firstly, Angela Lansbury back in picture appears to lead into the Wizard of Oz stories, but also to you on this DVD include: get a look behind the scenes in The Making of a Movie Classic \ ‘ \ ‘. In it you get to see for example how they Speciel in 1939 with never-before-seen Effects the tornado in the film made. Also pieces that are cut from the film and the things that went wrong on a film set you get to see and hear. Among other things, it is told about the use of the many (unsafe) make up by a lead actress who flame summed up. What I found, it was also very interesting piece of amateur film made during the filming and to hear and see, through rare interviews, how heavy the roller players at that time at the head and on the set had and how publicity was given to the film. You can in the Picture Gallery to view photos of the era quite a bump and, via The Wizard of Oz Juke Box, watch and listen to a total of more than 10 hours of extra \ \ ‘ Wizard of OZ ‘ trailer, promotion and audio and visual material. I love the Wizard of OZ but I can, after seeing an abundance of Wizard of OZ material on this 2 DVD, only é é n thing say: Toto…, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more …Image removed by redactieThe Wizard from OZ Special Edition 2 DVD DVD 1-97 minutes DVD 2 – more than 10 hours of additional audio and video material. Age: from 6 years Genre: Musical/adventure English, French or Italian spoken. Subtitle: choice of 6 different languages including Dutch. 29, 99Warner

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