Madonna-Confessions on a dance floor

With ” Confessions on a dance floor ” seems Madonna, however, with both feet on the floor to stand (dance). With this 14th album has Madonna is again completely rediscovered. The album starts with the catchy single ” Hung Up ” , in which the ABBA sample from ” Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight) ” Central. On the album even more samples over, among other things, Donna Summer, The Police and The Jacksons, which clearly shows that Madonna with this album harks back to the 70 ‘s, complete with corresponding combi disco/Farah Fawcett look. To get straight to the point: On her new cd Madonna speaks Dutch! Although the Lake sounds like the Pope who us thanks for ” those flowers ” . In the intro to ” Sorry ” she says with a heavy almost Eastern bloc country-like accent: \ ‘ I’m sorry. \ ‘ that the singer thought that the Dutch equivalent of \ ‘ sorry \ ‘ was, as she confessed to Peter van der Vorst, is at least hilarious to call. ” Sorry ” , however, is in my opinion the best candidate for a next single on this album. It is an emotional ballad in which the text ” I don’t want to hear… ” regularly pass by. It contains a sample of The Jacksons-Can you feel it.

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Get Together is also a nice whole in dance floor style dance track. The song contains a sample of the bass line from Stardust’s ” Music sounds better with you ” and pops up a little in the trance corner. ” Future Lovers ” looks a bit like ” Ray of Light ” . It has at least the same synthy-feel and contains a sample of Donna Summer-I feel love. It starts with a spoken part, but after a minute and a half crack it out in a nice catchy dance number what it will do very well in the clubs. Also ” I love New York ” goes into a same kind of sound further, this tends more to the electro corner. ” Push ” seems a bit to be the odd man out of the album. The song contains according to me even a bit from her own hit ” Like a prayer ” . Although this number is different from the other songs on this album, it is a nice number and é n é of my favorites of this album. ” Forbidden Love ” is a quieter song on the album and the closest thing to a ballad on the album what you will encounter. Another favorite on the album, the valve is ” Like it or Not ” , making them rock hard terugschopt against the people who have always something to whine about her. She sings ” You can call me a sinner, you can call me a saint. This is who I am, You can like it or not, You can love me or leave me, But I’m never going to stop. ” And that is something I believe is not Madonna will do. Despite her 47 years put this lady yet another fantastic plate down. It will probably yield no real big memorable hits as ” Like a prayer ” and ” Into the groove ” , but will certainly do great in the club scene. This album is just made to play with the volume knob on maximum and where do you do it better than on the dance floor?!Madonna-Confessions on a dance floor Warner Music

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