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in 1998 \ ‘ \ ‘ non-coulda been myself. With this number Acda en de Munnik finally established at the top of the Dutch-speaking pop music and are no longer there since then went away. I’m not a fan of the first hour, don’t have all the cd’s in the House, have never been to a concert or show them, but I do like very of their lyrics and music. I am so very happy that I could get the cd Breath in my possession now. As stated on the cover, this is the best songs by Acda en de Munnik, at least so he is composed. Had me there’s still some numbers like day at Esmee and Henk, my friend and I sing this like (hard!) in the car. Now nag I, because there are many more songs that best deserves a place on this album and had a cd with 40 titles on the tracklist of course could not. The first song on the cd is, how could it be otherwise, not or never has been. Among other things, from the album the liedis \ ‘ Acda en de Munnik \ ‘ \ n from the 1997 é theatre show ‘ Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans \ ‘, the title of which is taken from the words of John Lennon (something, of course, all the big fans already knew.) Since I’m never very much in the story behind the numbers of Acda en de Munnik have deepened, I notice in that the Beatles have had a very great influence when writing the lyrics and music. Just listen to greetings from ground level, if I hear this song I need to think of the Beatles ‘ Strawberry Fields Forever ‘ or to Let me sleep, (‘ John Lennon is murdered ‘.) Also coming from the album ‘ Acda en de Munnik ‘ from 1997, are the numbers just a really nice song, nice song, sad but oh so beautiful Vondelpark last night, since I have spent many summers, if you stay with Me goes away, ‘ may I with you? ‘, such a beautiful phrase, run until the sun comes out, ‘ to ‘ ie radiates ‘, and the city of Amsterdam. From the album ‘ home ‘ stands on this cd the song Let me sleep, from the album ‘ greetings from ground level ‘ the numbers greetings from ground level and Ren Lenny Ren!. The song Ren Lenny Ren! is also the title of the rock-comedy, which tells the story of a self fabricated rock talent, after more than 130 shows this performance in 2005 comes to an end. From the album ‘ home ‘ are the numbers Let me sleep it’s raining sunbeams and also the number Not or never been State on this album. From the album ‘ Songs of Lenny ‘ are the numbers Until I you, (Call Me) Old grief and years far from selected here. The song the master part II, (‘ Cd of yours, cd of me ‘), comes from the album, ‘ here are ‘, As the fire has gone out of the album ‘ in stock ‘, Lena and schoolyard, both live from the album ‘ In the Orangerie ‘. And wrong connected state on ‘ Live With the Metropole Orchestra ‘. So the real fans have these numbers have long turned grey, fortunately there for them 4 new songs, which we Prefer the number right but happiness knowing the Talpa series ‘ together ‘. The tracklist of breath: Track 1, Not geweestTrack 2, greetings from the Ground or never Track 3, let me sleep Track 4, Ren Lenny Ren! Track 5, liedjeTrack 6, Beautiful Vondelpark Vannacht Track 7, it’s raining Sunshine Track 8, if you stay with Me Until I leave, Track 9, Track 10, the captain part II Track 11, (Call Me) Old grief Track 12, as the fire Extinguished IsTrack 13, Lena (Live) Track 14, schoolyard (Live) Track 15, years far from HierTrack 16, Walk To the sun comes Track 17, The city of Amsterdam Track 18, Wrong VerbondenNieuw: Track 19, No heavens belo venT rack 20, Rather right than happiness Track 21, where were you danTrack 22, Hello song in short, it’s just a cd fine to have, put it on if you’re in the shower, if you are suffering from heartbreak, in the car or the household does and sing but nice along with Paul and Thomas. ACDA en de Munnik-Breath see also:

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