Well-rested eyes

within a few weeks a look without walls, that promises the leaflet. Without any kind of cosmetic surgery that awake look without those pesky bags under the eyes. On the back of the stylish packaging is a photograph of a Madam, taken before and after treatment with Eyetuck. And if I am not gephotoshopt the afterfoto is, that satisfied. Twice daily should be applied over the walls with the cream a throbbing movement from the inside near your eyes to the outside world. After applying will I has a rich, with a warm Talavera like feeling on the place where I have the creme ingeklopt. But after a day I notice no difference indeed, probably I’m just too impatient. After a week I see a subtle difference with Eyetuck knocking, but maybe I want to see this just because the people in my area does not fall on. they see still under my eyes the two red light district. Three weeks later I have to admit that I somewhat see difference under my eyes. The skin something something pulled tighter around the problem area. But really earth-shattering difference I see unfortunately not. The most troublesome to the use of this product is, you really should not forget this twice daily to apply and I had to remind myself often. Conclusion: Eyetuck reduces the problem areas under the eyes, or minimal. But the bottle is nicely designed, also the eye wants what  Well-rested eyes .

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