Tommy; an explosion of music and dance.

the story begins just before the second world war. Under the guidance of swinging music (a great Orchestra) you get the history summarized: the encounter and the marriage of Captain Walker and Mrs. Walker. However, Captain Walker is captured by the Germans. Mrs. Walker, pregnant with a son (Tommy) is sad and thinks only to stay. Years pass and we see Mrs. Walker with her son and her new lover. After Tommy is brought to bed, something happens what will change everything. Captain Walker is back and upon returning home he scares of the \ ‘ \ ‘ intruder. What follows is a battle and Captain Walker shoot down the lover, in self-defense. Small Tommy sees this drama happen in the reflection of the mirror. Captain and Mrs. Walker say their child quickly: ” You didn’t won’t hear it, you didn’t won’t see it, you won’t say nothing to no one ever in your life… ” . After these words seems Tommy completely self-absorbed. Tommy is from that moment on, mute and blind. Captain Walker is acquitted of the murder, but Tommy is traumatized and seems to be in an autistic condition. Then follows a long way to healing and we see Tommy growing up. Deaf, dumb, and blind, but it\ ‘s still thoughts \ ‘ (in the form of an adult Tommy) sings occasionally tormented about his soul. The only thing Tommy seems interested and where he great is good at, is Pinball. Soon he’s the Pinnballwizard (hit by Elton John) and from that moment the musical gets another turn. Because the music is in English and not translated to Dutch, I find it a nice listening and the songs not \ ‘ \ ‘, which often raped-in my opinion-in the case of Dutch-language versions. The storyline is something vague but sometimes because the music captivates, bothers me not. Also particularly was the deaf rendition of the rock opera by Talking Hands. A beautiful initiative, especially as this is also so into the story line.

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Tommy rocks! spoke with one of the players of Tommy. Loraine Wei-Yun rehearsed for a year for a role in the ensemble. She tells excited about her love for singing, theatre and dance.What is it like to be in a musical play? Super Awesome! It was the first time for me and it was hard work. From January this year, we are already working on it. I was extremely happy that I be part of Tommy!I heard you first could not believe you’re in a real musical would play … Is Correct! My mother had read an ad in the Haagsche Courant; There were auditions held for the musical. Harlequin Foundation, organizer of the musical, invited me after my response to a song-and-dance audition. When I got a positive message on my audition I thought they had made a mistake, I didn’t believe it!What modest! And that for a girl that also still in a challenging lingerie on the b ü hne was… Thea Dietz, the artistic and production manager took care of all the costumes and she came at some point with that packet to. Here I thought though: Oh, jee that is lines. Initially we would wear a long coat, but later figured out it would be more fun to play without jacket. I wore the parcel so often with exercise, the crazy is there then quickly away from it. At the first performance I had not even looked exposed by that I look so busy are you with dressing up. Only when I heard everyone you bawl in the audience, I realized only what I had!What attracts you to play in a musical? Dance, music or more stage? It gives a kick to unwise to stand on stage! Musicals have always had a great appeal to me. I get jitters as I look at it and have always found great singing. The combination of song, dance and play musical phenomenon so captivating and make it of course makes the rave applause of the audience complete the picture.

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A real musical star of course receive dozens of bunches of flowers at the end!And now? I am now going to do auditions again, do not yet know what Harlequin is going to do next year. Next time I venture a go the extra mile and do I want to audition for a ‘ real role \ ‘.Rehearse, play.. everything is now past. Not now you fall into a black hole? You are so intensively engaged and then is very sorry that it all has ended after three performances. I really had a great time and with some of the Group I love touch! For more information: Foundation Harlequin

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