I always get my sin

” I always get my sin ” is Denglish for ” I always get my way ” what a good example of the typical stupid mistakes that Dutch people make when they try to talk English and in most cases do so by literally translating it. This book is full of it. I’m over the years even though a lot of hilarious comments against, but the examples in this book really save everything. In some cases the tears of laughter rolled down my face. The examples are many, such as

and horsesIk breeding horses I fuck

what about

I am the first woman state secretary for the inside and I am in my first periodIk am the first female Secretary of State of the Interior and I am in my first term

for those who are not good speak English; they actually says to his period, apart from the ridiculous description of its function. You would be ashamed of you for almost that our national representatives.  I always get my sin

How do you do and how do you do your wife?How are you and how’s your wife?

But actually he asks so how he gives his wife a turn. I would prefer them all to you, but that I will not to do the writer. Do you remember no gift of the Saint or for under the tree, put this hilarious book then quickly on your wish list. I have the booklet in a strech and feasted. It’s the funniest book I’ve read in times.

I would like to leave it here

For an interview with the author about this book click here.Image removed by redactieI always get my sin-Maarten h. Bzztoh publishing house Isbn 9045302802

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